Traditional Hellenic is the Medicine we inherited from our ancestors. It dates back to ancient times from pre-Hippocratic times. Hippocrates represents a dominant figure in the History of Traditional Hellenic Medicine. Although Hippocrates himself was born to a father and grandfather, Asclepius (that is, priests of God in an Asclepion), he chooses not to follow the priestly course and establishes a school where he teaches Medicine for all in his homeland Kos. In this way Medicine comes out of the priesthood and is generously shared with all the people. So, Hippocratic Medicine grafts with folk healing traditions and creates a traditional medical system which travels through time. This journey of Traditional Hellenic Medicine reaches to the present day. We all have in our families a grandfather or grandmother who knew or had accepted some well-known healing practices such as cupping, leech therapy and the use of native herbs. Traditional Hellenic Medicine, however, despite its long journey nowadays remains unacknowledged.

Are there any therapists today who practice Traditional Hellenic Medicine? Yes, there are homeopaths, acupuncturists, reflexologists and other alternative therapists in Greece today, but do they all have anything to do with Traditional Hellenic Medicine?

All those who practice the so-called alternative healing arts are in fact the people who embody today, Traditional Hellenic Medicine. Whether you are a homeopath, an acupuncturist, or an herbalist, you are in fact applying the terms, principles, and knowledge with which Hippocrates inoculated World Medicine.

So, in the country of Hippocrates, who with his ideas influenced and shaped both the Traditional healing systems of the world and modern scientific Medicine, instead of being something self-evident, we are inaugurating an effort to acknowledge and validate it.

In the context of this initiative, we have submitted an application to the Ministry of Culture for the recognition of Traditional Hellenic Medicine as an element of intangible cultural heritage of Greece. We note with regret that Traditional Hellenic Medicine is not yet officially recognized by the Greek State. At a time when Traditional healing systems are being recognized, cultivated and educated worldwide, in Greece Traditional Hellenic Medicine remains unvalidated and not properly honored.

That is why all of us who organize the 2nd Panhellenic Congress of Traditional Hellenic Medicine, consider it necessary to submit this application to the Ministry of Culture. We also consider it necessary in our effort to have the consent and support of the Greek native people, the Greeks of the diaspora, as well as the consent of all of the global citizens and institutions who love, respect and honor the Light that the Greek civilization has shed upon the world.

We call all of you who agree to affirm and sign this resolution.

Παραδοσιακή Ελληνική Ιατρική - Ψήφισμα

Resolution on the recognition of Traditional Hellenic Medicine as an element of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece.

I hereby support with my signature the submission of the relevant proposal to the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Thank you for voting! To complete the process please kindly click on the link included in the email you just received from us.